Information Technology

Delivering value to customers: a combination of people, process and technologies that provide real business value by solving specific business problems.

  • Proven Store Technology Solutions
  • At-Its-Best Point of Sale Solution
    • Software
      • RORC V6 (Learn More) 
        • Point of Sale software developed by Independent Retailers for Independent Retailers. 
        • RORCV6 incorporates retail “best practice” processes for front-end and back-office operations. From product to cash management and reporting, the application is intuitive to use and fully customizable by you – allowing quick adaptation to an ever-changing business environment.
  • Hardware
    • URM is an authorized NCR equipment reseller, which is a proven manufacturer of commercial grade equipment.
    • URM technicians are certified to repair NCR equipment.
  • Electronic Payment Hardware, Software, and Processor Solutions
    • Keep up to date with the changing payment environment, such as electronic WIC and mobile payments.
    • Certified PCI payment devices, including EMV chip enabled.
    • A software solution that centralizes your electronic payments management and reporting while data is encrypted throughout the entire transmission processes, from swipe at the PIN pad to the payment processor.
  • NCR Connected Payments
    • Save on credit, debit and check processing fees with the lowest ROFDA (Retailer Owned Food Distributors & Associates) rates.
      • Payment Processor – First Data/Telecheck.
  • URM Item Management, Store Movement, and Order Device offerings
    • Denso lightweight and easy to operate order entry devices.
    • Retail Item Management Pricing System (RIMS).
    • Store Movement Analytical Reporting Tool (SMART).
  • Service Desk
    • Provides a single IT point of contact.
    • 24 hour emergency technical support.
    • Online IT Service Catalog.
  • Business Consulting
    • Determine custom technology solutions for your store: everything from ordering and pricing to point of sale.
    • Discover ways to streamline pricing and cash management so you can spend more time with your customers.
  • PCI Compliant Managed Security Services
    • Log/Event Monitoring & Reporting  –  Near real-time event monitoring using state-of the-art monitoring tools.
    • Internal Vulnerability Scanning – URM will use best-of-breed vulnerability scanning tools to regularly scan computers and devices connected to your store network.
    • External Vulnerability Scanning  –  URM will contract with an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) to conduct quarterly vulnerability scans on any computers or devices that are connected to the internet.
    • Assistance with Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) – URM will assist merchants with the completion of their SAQ by answering clarifying questions and assisting with the production of documentation related to the above-listed services.

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