Bakery/Deli Programs

Deli Program

The URM Deli Department features many programs and products to service all types of operations. We offer a complete in-store deli program with more than 2,500 stocked items, and offerings such as:

  • Deli Meats
  • Domestic Cheeses
  • Prepared Salads
  • Pizza Program
  • Soup Program
  • Hot and Cold Food Items
  • Champs Chicken Program
  • Packaging Items
  • Two cross-dock programs featuring more than 2,000 specialty cheeses and other specialty deli items
    • DPI
    • GM Foods

We always offer merchandising help for your deli from our URM Deli Specialist, who provides special assistance with new store openings, remodels, training and resets.

Bakery Program

URM carries over 800 SKUs of bakery items ranging from full-scratch ingredients, to raw dough bake-off items, to fully finished products ready for sale right out of the box. We have cross-dock programs with both DPI and Spokane Bakery Supply that also offer hundreds of miscellaneous bakery ingredients and cake decorating supplies.