URM Cash & Carry stores are not only the most convenient and competitive place to fill all of your food related business needs, but are also open to the general public without a membership fee or card.

We specialize in food service quality items, servicing many of the area’s restaurants, taverns, espresso bars, clubs, daycare facilities, churches, non-profit organizations and business offices. For your convenience, we always accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and EBT.

We have a full selection of products available.  As an added service to our customers, we offer custom order guides that list the items you normally purchase from us with the price and your needed par levels, making your shopping and inventory management easier. We can also provide competitive pricing on your personally printed cups and napkins with reasonable minimum order requirements.

Please stop by one of our Cash & Carry stores and see for yourself how we can serve your needs.

  • Kennewick: 7-7 M-F, 8-5 Saturday and Sunday
  • Lewiston: 7-6 M-F, 8-5 Saturday and Sunday
  • Spokane: 7-7 M-F, 8-5 Saturday and Sunday
  • Spokane Valley: 7-7 M-F, 8-7 Saturday, and 8-5 Sunday
  • Wenatchee: 7-6 M-F, 8-5 Saturday and Sunday
  • Yakima: 7-6 M-F, 8-5 Saturday and Sunday

For more info, email cashncarry@urmstores.com