Who We Serve

URM is a retailer-owned business, a co-op. This means that the owners and shareholders of URM are all retail grocers who are also customers of URM.  Additionally, we provide service to our Cash & Carry stores, Foodservice, Convenience Stores, and non-member grocery store customers.

If your primary business is retail grocery, your sales volume may be enough to explore becoming a Member of URM Stores, Inc.  Our retail trucks deliver throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. URM provides extensive support services to this group of customers, such as insurance, advertising, store sets, accounting services, and ware-washing equipment and service.

If your business volume does not meet the requirement for membership, our Convenience Store and Non-Member Grocery Division may be able to provide service. 

Traditional convenience stores and rural community markets are the target customers for our Convenience/Grocery Division.  We offer a vast mix of retail items, candy, tobacco products, foodservice products, deli, dairy, disposables, natural and organic products, produce, and janitorial products.

URM provides regional service to this customer base in Eastern Washington, Northeast Oregon, North Idaho and Western Montana.

Visit urmconveniencestores.com for more information.

URM’s Foodservice Division delivers to a diverse customer base. Traditional restaurants are one of our main customer types that receive products from this division.  However, URM supplies products to schools (an extensive inventory of approved K-12 products are offered, along with the required nutritional information), child-care businesses, rehabilitation facilities, theme parks, camps, casinos, delis, golf courses, resorts, hotels, manufacturing facilities and several other businesses.

URM Foodservice delivers to this customer base throughout Eastern Washington, Northeast Oregon, and North Idaho.

Visit urmfoodservice.com for more information.

Our URM Cash & Carry Stores are located in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Kennewick, Wenatchee, Yakima, and Lewiston, ID.  All are open to the public and no membership is required.  Each store stocks a unique mix of products, catering to the needs of their individual locations, with access to all URM inventory, including foodservice and retail products.  Several cross-dock programs and direct store deliveries provide additional inventory, including an extensive selection of restaurant equipment and supplies.   If you don’t see what you want, ask for the manager!  The stores are open seven days per week and accept cash, checks, debit cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and EBT cards.

 Visit urmcashandcarry.com for more information.